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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Man it has been forever since I have updated my blog. Alot has happened since I last posted. The family is doing great everyone just started back at school Andrew is now in 9th grade, Brayden 6th, Lexi 4th, Baylee 2nd and CC missed the kindergarten deadline so she started preschool at Ms. Tami's with her cousin Allie. She loves it and is very excited to go!! I love it cause I get the whole year FREE cause I watch the teachers cute little 2 year old while CC is in class. Andrew just turned 14 a couple of months ago and in October Brayden will be joining Drew at YM's I can't believe he is going to be 12. How fast they grow. I am so not ready for 16 cause my two boys are already way social and hardly ever want to do anything with us unless their friends can come.
Lexi is not coordinated at anything but she wanted to play soccer with a friend of hers and to our surprise she loves it and has improved greatly. When I can't find her she is always in the backyard with her cleats on and kicking the ball in the backyard. I am glad I finally found something that she enjoys doing.
Jeff is finally staying busy with work but sucks cause he is traveling to Colorado every Saturday until late Tuesday nights of every week so I feel like a single mom now between his day job, side jobs and church callings. Yay me! NOT.
They released me from my young womens miamaid advisor calling a month ago and I was not too happy about that. I miss the girls and love them dearly!! I have been having such a hard time and just sitting in sacrament meeting my stomach is all in knots and I can't stand to be there so I have made the decision to take time off from church. Now with Jeff being out of town every weekend he is guilt tripping me by using my kids. I don't know what to do anymore and how to get through he anger, hurt, and hard feelings I am having. I see it affecting Andrew but I can not sit in church without feeling like running and never coming back. Every time I tell him he needs to go to a meeting that he has been asked to be at or to go to ym's he throws the you don't go so why should I. I am beginning to think that the reason work has made Jeff go out of town every weekend is God's way of forcing me back. But I can't bring myself to go back. My kids have missed the last 3 weeks of church and Brayden ratted me out to Jeff I think I need to bribe that kid some more. All the other kids enjoyed our sleeping in and watching movies all day. If anyone has any ideas how to make this easier or advice please don't be afraid to put me in my place.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa and His Reindeer.

Last Saturday we took the kids to Quilted Bear to see Santa and his Reindeer. Well Santa only brought 2 of his reindeer so Ciarra was a little dissapointed and she kept saying where is his sleigh? How did he get here without it?? And Santa is too fat to ride on the back of 2 Reindeer all the way here. Man too many questions. She thought it was the coolest thing she sat by the reindeer pen the whole time we were there and didn't even want to see Santa she just wanted to stay with the reindeer. She kept asking me if she could go inside the pen with them. Man my little animal lover!!

Andrew and Brayden were too cool and grown up for this of course and Baylee and Lexi did not want to have anything to do with Santa Clause cause they didn't want to wait in the long line. They still loved seeing the reindeer and walking through the craft store afterwards asking for any and everything that they thought would look good in their bedrooms. They are soo much like their dad it is a little bit scary!! I actually lost the boys in there and couldn't find them cause they looked at everything in the entire store. Man I thought girls were long shoppers those 3 are so much worse than me and the girls. Later that Night we went to our Ward Christmas Party and the girls finally decided they wanted to see Santa. Which was good cause he brought his wife with him and they were so much fun with each of the kids.
This is Ciarra with Santa and Mrs. Claus. She was not afraid at all this year she just jumped up on his lap and told him everything that she wanted. And over and over she reitterated that it had to be 2 Barbies and not just one cause they needed to have a friend to talk too. He got a kick out of that. This is the first year that she has sat on Santa's lap and not ran out of the room. Man she is growing up too fast. Brayden and Drew refused to let me get a picture of them with santa so I won't be posting one of them.

Baylee was very shy with Santa any question he would ask her she would put her head down and whisper. She told him she wanted a DS and he kept telling her a DSI and she would say NO I want a plain DS he could not get a clue so that upset her afterwards. She could not believe he would not listen to her. He told her that he doesn't think that she will be able to control one of those on her own. She was not happy with Santa afterwards.
She did however like his wife and thought she was very nice and happy to talk to.

Lexi however shocked me. She is the most out spoken of all my children and she would not talk to Santa at first which is weird cause not only does Lexi always have something to say she has to SCREAM it not say it!! He told her that she was on the naughty list so she wouldn't get anything she just laughed at him and then he said well there's a line lets get this over fast so he started asking her 10 questions all in a row without letteing her get a word in she just laughed and gave him the are you seriously waisting my time look that she loves to give. She finally did get to talk to him though and its funny we've had the talk and she still believes. She told me I am so wrong cause she wrote to Santa even after I told her and she got a letter from him at school last year so I am just a liar. I guess the power of believing never does leave some of us.. I am glad that our talk last year didn't ruin it like I thought it would. When you can't afford Christmas for your kids it is such a hard thing so to prep them we told the older ones. She asked me hundreds of questions and still she thinks I was lying to her. So I am glad she has the spirit to believe and that she has faith in all things.

Reflections Contest

This year the Reflections Contest theme was Beauty Is... so 2 of my kids decided to do photography this year and Baylee of course had to do another painting since she went soo far with winning last year. She thought she would have luck again this year. Well sorry Baylee your picture was very cute but no luck this year but better luck next year!!

Baylee sayed Beauty is Friendship cause when you are down friends always make things feel and look better. So she painted her with Emily and Katera playing by an apple tree. And yes she did this all by herself!! She loves to paint with watercolors on canvas it makes her feel calm and at peace is what she tells us. Who knows maybe she will love it so much to continue to progress each year.

Lexi Picked Nature... she said Beauty is Natures cause it is so peaceful and beatiful in the mountains. So we took her up Mirror lake Highway to pass lake and it had just gotten done snowing and took the pictures of the lake. She loved how the trees, the sky and snow, reflected in the water. Lexi was very dissapointed that hers didn't win cause she thought she had the prettiest picture out of everyone. Better luck to you again next year one of these years you will make it.

And Brayden of course picked Elk... Go figure with a dad like his. He said Elk were beautiful cause they are so powerful and strong. They carry themselves with strength and the attitude that you can't touch me I dare ya. He loves looking at the elk so much that everytime we go to Grandma and Grandpa Donios we have to drive past the huge Elk Farm off of 106th South so he can watch them fight or just lay there. Brayden's didn't win but his was soo good that he got an Honorable Mention Ribbon attached to his cause if they could of picked more winners his would of been next. Way to go my little Booser!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


This year we had a blast. All of us were at my parents this year and we decided to do it at my sisters church building cause my mom's sisters and all my cousins and their families and all my brothers and sisters were going to be there this year. So we get to the church and there was soo much to do. They had 4 TV's set up with 3 Wii's and a playstaion 2 set up with DDR on one and Guitar Hero world tour on one and then free for all on the other 2. The boys had their half court for basketball games and pin the tail on the blow up donkey and bowling for the littlier kids. It was soo much fun. Even though Jason you cheat on Dance dance Revolution you need to get a life. I bet thats all you do in your free time at home.

After dinner we went to Jeff's mom's for dessert and hung out with Carl, and Deann and all their kids and their spouses and Joyce and Larry and Tom and Vicky and all their kids. We had a blast. Yummy pies banana cream which is the only pie I like at Thanksgiving (thanks Joyce) and we played pounce all night laughing and chatting it up with my niece's and nephew's. Rachel I feel sorry for you with your soo competative husband!! And Vicky better luck next time. I will take it easier on you when we play again (haha).

I love Thanksgiving cause you can just eat and chillax with the people that matter most in your life!! We are so blessed with the family that we have. We love you all and are greatful for all you do for us!! I am grateful for my husband and the 5 beautiful children he has blessed my life with. They make my life busy and full of laughs. We may not have much right now but as long as we have each other nothing else matters.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finally gonna update.......

Halloween has come and gone and we survived yet another year with my 3 little drama queens. They all had to be fairies this year so I got brave and made their tutu's for them and just added wings and their costumes were done. They were soo cute!! Ciarra couldn't stand the wings so mom ended up carrying them most of the time at all the parties we went to. My shy little Brayden decided he was going to go out of his comfort zone and be a nerd this year. He looked soo cute!! see picture below.....

Brayden was excited this year again cause Jeff was able to take the first half of the day off again this year to come to their school Halloween parade and help with the party in Brayden's class. All the kids love having Jeff in their classes cause all the kids think he is cool So of course I got Baylee's class. Next year she is dressing up as ugly as I can make her cause she had boys grabbing her hand to be in their group for centers and boys in other classes coming to her door and telling her how cute she looked that day. Ugh I am soo in trouble with that child!! Lexi had fun in class too cause they did a readers theater and we were able to go listen to that before we had to help with class parties. It was so fun to see how interactive and dramatic she can be!!

Things have been soo crazy it seems like we never have time to just stop and breathe. I have finally finished the top to my quilt that I am making for Lexi's bedroom all I have left is the backing and quilting it all. She told me I have till Christmas to finish it then if it's not I am in big trouble and have her to answer to. OOOO I am soo scared an 8 year old is threatening me I guess I better watch out!! Brayden has had his Webelos badge and Arrow of light earned since August and he finally received the Webelos last Saturday. However they won't be doing his arrow of light ceremony till January so he will finally get that then. He does however love his new scout leaders and was able to go on his 1st overnighter campout. He loved it they went to Strawberry and fished on the lake in his scout leaders boat. He had a wonderful time!!

Jeff got a new calling and we are all trying to adjust to the demands that it puts on our family. He is now the Scout Master for the 12-18 year old boys. What a lot of work. I was soo tempted to raise my hand when they asked does anyone appose. I wanted to see what they would of done never seen anyone appose anything. Campouts every month are going to be hard for me to get used to especially when I work nights every weekend. But Andrew was so glad that his dad gets to stay in young mens with him even though it's not in the presidency anymore.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy! Busy! Busy!!!

Sorry for not posting lately. This summer has been so busily crazy I'm going nuts. First off Girls Camp!! What a blast. We had 20 girls and 8 leaders up there this year double what I had to plan for last year. But the good news is they all got along and we really enjoyed getting to know all the new girls that are in this year. We did tons of fun things including Zip line this is our group that went and almost all of us went down the zip line a couple of times. WE had a Blast!! Next year Charri and Lucinda we are going to get you on there!! No excuses!!

Another thing we have enjoyed doing this summer is free family activities to keep the kids busy. The kids have discovered the fun in Herriman at a splash pad that they can play in for hours. It has a playground and then the water pad that water shoots out of everywhere they have loved going weekly and enjoy playing with their friends and hanging out for hours here. We have also the Gateway fountains, Sweets Candy factory tour, The best was the Mrs. Fields Cookie Factory tour. The kids loved it!! WE got to see how they make and package the cookies and the taste testing afterwards was divine!!! We also went and saw all the floats for the parade and voted on them and went waterskiing. This summer has been a blast.

This is the kids at the Gateway fountain. They had so much fun!

We got to go see all the floats for the Days of 47 parade and vote on them.

Us at the Mrs. Fields cookie factory YUM YUM!!

I got the opportunity to go on Trek with the youth in our stake this year. Oh my gosh what an awesome experience this was. I have never done something so hard in my life. I was shocked I survived the whole thing being as I am not in the best of shape health wise. I had the best family ever!! And I enjoyed getting to know people I would not normally have hung out with. This experience has really brought to light the reason why we are here and why I want the best for my children. It taught me a lot and helped me grow both spiritually and mentally.

Me and Lexi also got the chance to go on Good Things Utah and be in their audience. What a blast. They had a guest host that day and he was hilarious. We got to hang out with them after the show and the guy loved Lexi's hat and she was very shy every time he tried to talk to her.

We have had one busy summer and now that school is going to be starting the fun during the day has to end dang!! Hopefully I can be a better blogger now and keep it updated more often. I am going to have 4 out of my 5 kids in school full time now and I don't know what the heck I am going to do with myself just having Ciarra all day. Hopefully she won't be too sad when she won't have Baylee to play with anymore. I guess just me and her will have to find fun stuff to do to make the time go by.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Happy 13th Birthday little man!! I can't believe you are 13 already. You came into this world 2 weeks early weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. You were such a cute little thing! And you still are, except for now you are 65 lbs and 55 inches long. Man where did the time go??
You are everybodies best buddy!! Everyone always likes to hang with Andrew. You have always been a well mannered kid and a very good helper to your parents. You have grown into such a responsible young man and I am honored to be your mother. You never seem to amaze me with how grown up you are and the decisions that you make in your life. I just pray you will keep that level head of yours as the peer pressure will continue to build. I am proud of your christ like ways in trying to inclued any and everyone with everything that you do. You are such an amazing child and I sometimes wonder where you get all of your good qualities from. Hope you have a fun birthday. We love you tons my handsome man!!! Love mom and dad.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Baylee

Happy Birthday to our precious little angel!! You came into this world waking us up at 3:30 am the only one who made my water break in bed and at home. You arrived at 7:30 am weighing in at 7' 5 oz. We took you home on July 3 and the very next day we took you to the West Jordan parade on July 4th then to the swimming pool with the family and back to grandma's for fireworks. We had a long day and we stayed inside grandma's cause the fireworks scared you. Ever since you were born you have been a firecracker, you know what you want and how to get it. Some of your favorite hobbies are chasing boys, playing with your friends and riding your bike. We can never find Baylee cause she is always going and going and going.

Baylee can bat her eyes and get her own way with anything especially with daddy!! She is a big time daddy's girl and always has been. She can wrap anyone around her pinky to get her own way!! We love you tons girly girl and I can't believe you are 6 already. I always think of you as my little baby still cause you are so small for your age. Try not be so fiesty though as you get older... I'm already not looking forward to the pms years with you!!
Hope you have a wonderful day and that your wishes will come true. Love mom and dad!!!